Montag, Februar 20

9:24 AM Last week, I noticed that my body felt a bit tired, since my schedule was packed and I didn't care much about my being. In addition to that, I continued with my workout program, because this was the only thing which kept me going, when I felt weak or beyond tired. Still. My problem followed me throughout the week and I had no clue how to "heal myself". I had no time for I told myself to at least meditate for a couple of minutes, before I go to sleep and drink a cup of hot tea. The morning after: I woke up, noticing that I feel asleep during my meditation and my cup of tea is still next to my bed - I had no Chance to take a sip. What a waste.

Yesterday, my body reacted in the easiest way possible: I slept about 10 hours and my body felt calm and relaxed. All good, I thought. Maybe this was the best remedy for me this week....but I told myself to study more about things which can help me boost my energy whenever I need it.

Somehow I always believed that a cup of green tea can help me fix anything. When I talked to my Asian co-worker, she told me that it's not good to drink green tea in the evening! This might mess me up and it's rather good to enjoy a cup of green tea in the morning to boost energy. Oh yeah?

This made me read more about tea and it's benefits: here we go. (I guess this can be interesting for you, too)

ANXIETY Chamomile / Black / Green
ACNE Rooibos / Chamomile
PMS Chamomile / Herbal
WEIGHT LOSS Green / White
INSOMNIA Chamomile / Lemongrass
UPSET STOMACH Ginger Root / Peppermint
HEADACHE Ginger Root
ALLERGIES Green / Peppermint
WAKE UP Black / Green
ENERGY Ginger Root

I definitely need more tea flavors in my tea box! So far, I try to boost my body with my daily green consume and here and there I love some peppermint tea. Paper and Tea gave me this beautiful sleeping tea which is a sweet flavored chamomile blend and since I tried this one, I have to admit that I become a fan of chamomile. There's definitely a benefit when I sip a cup of this in the evening, but it's also good to know that no matter how I feel, a cup of liquid super power can make me feel beyond awesome again! Especially headache or anxiety is something I can't deal with sometimes...I will definitely try to keep those helpers close - how about you?
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