Samstag, Februar 4

3:43 PM Sometimes there is so much I want to talk about, but I never find the time to do so! Here's something I wanted to share with you for so long! Since food and nutrition is very important while being an active runner, I always love getting to see new products or general inspiration - food is my life, for real! I love milkshakes and hot wings, but not on a daily basis. It's all about balance! While I'm seeing Dunkin Donuts' Valentines Day selection and I'm dreaming about snacking them, I needed a "new" snack that keeps me excited plus energized!
For our Paris trip (the Nike run), my sister brought coconut chips and I was like duhh, haha. I love coconut, but does that satisfy my craving or help me after the race? To cut a long story short, after the race, I only had eyes for my banana and energy bar, but the coconut chips were celebrated when we ended our trip with a little hotel pj party. Yes, I said celebrated, because those coconut chips were the BOMB!!

Regular coconut chips are regualr coconut chips - I don't really care about you. Maui & Sons' dark chocolate covered version is my new favorite! After Christmas, I had a huge chocolate craving and going back to dark chocolate helps me to stop those crazy cravings! I eat a handful of the chips and I'm happy! All good ~ I'm so happy I finally found them in my hood and now I got my perfect treat when I feel snacky! What's even better: the brand also offers regular coconut, banana and mango chips. They will all be tested of course!

Have you tried Maui & Sons yet? Any other snack ideas on your mind you would like to share?
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