8:33 PM There are times where I hate the season we are in. For example, I love winter, since I am a winter child, but currently, the coat weather bores me beyond and I miss the days where the sun doesn't run away so fast.
Last year, I had the idea to appreciate the seasons more through videos. Sounds weird, but I love filming, so this felt just perfect to me. Here and then, I filmed little pieces and sequences of my life and then I showed them to you when the season was over. After my spring and summer video, I did not publish a fall video (mission failed, I guess), but I didn't have enough material to share plus I thought my 4 travel diaries where enough during the Transition time/season. (Check the channel for more ~)

That's why today, I want to show you my last video of my season appreciation series and I hope you like it! I always got too many projects around me, but I try to film much more this year - no matter what!

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