Donnerstag, Februar 2

6:16 PM I don't have any problems with layering during winter time and currently I just love to mix my daily outfits with my favorite sport pieces. It's week #3 where I am not running, since I need to recover and take care of my shin. Wearing my running shoes to work, for example, gives me the feeling to collect my miles in the usual way - nothing changed, I'm just walking instead of running. "It's okay", I tell myself. While I'm practicing my squats and other exercises, I am happy to have my bike. Keeping a routine is important to me.

Before hitting work last week, I gave myself a nice ginger oil massage and put different salves on top - kind of a new routine I start to love. (Herbs and oils are the key, lovebirds ~) While I switched my running shoes with my running socks, I had another good day ahead of me, thinking about hitting the dirty asphalts again. Soon, soon. Yeah, this is how a runner recovers, I would say. I love having easy days like this - Spring, I feel you are super close. Happy Thursday ~

MY OUTFIT Head band - DIY, similar here or here / Coat - Topshop, similar here or here / Jeans - Levi's / Running socks - Nike, similar here or here / Shoes - Nike, similar here or here / Bag - Roses and Pines
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