Donnerstag, Januar 19

7:14 PM Currently, I am counting ca. 20 pairs of sneakers in my shoe closet which is enough (maybe...). I had so many different shoes which I never wore, or I had a panic attack and thought I needed this crazy colorway becausy xy. Don't ask me how much money I spent...I invested it in great things, but those days are over (kind of). "You own more running shoes than normal shoes!", my sister told me a couple of weeks ago! She's right. I got more active things (which makes sense!) than any weird releases or colorways which cost me half of my pay check.

I still follow all the big sneaker companies, I spy all the cool releases and I celebrate them - I just don't go crazy anymore! I also observe the sneaker community - call it whatever you want - just not influencer, please! While sneakers were so individual years ago, I feel like today, people need to copy anything out there. It's so boring to me...

What I am doing this year (last year as well) is celebrating uniquenss! I only invest in pairs I truely believe in! I am thinking three times about the colorway: do I really really need it? And I'm also checking the price! How often do I tell myself that those 120€ won't hurt?! Truth is, it hurts a lot!

So what's the plan? I invest in great pieces which last forever and I invest in Things NO ONE IS WEARING!!! This secret helped me throughout last year and I finally had a big smile again on my face! I can create my own kind of outfits with my favorite sneaker as a highlight and no one will wear the same outfit like me. That's all I want ~

Looking at my shoe closet, I realize that I need to show you my latest favorites! Also I want to show you my latest baby: a little gift from Foot Locker who made me dare some more color! Thank you, guys!

What do you think of my selection?
What's your favorite pair right now? Any stories you like to share? I can't wait!

*shoutout to my pink cookie Careaux! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I am beyond proud of this girl and her sneaker debut last year! A game changer and such a role model for all the lovebirds out there ~
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