9:15 PM Why am I always so late? Do you know the feeling of running after presents and time is just running away too fast? I can't believe Christmas will be this Saturday...

I am still on the hunt for the perfect gift for my dad, but the rest is already wrapped and waiting at a secret place. 

Last year, I was sharing a great diy idea which I gifted to my sister! We actually didn't want to make any gifts, but then we both felt we needed to get something small! I loved playing around and trying a little Christmas diy. I made her a bottle of coffee infused almond oil and she absolutely loved it! See the post again right here

This year, I want to show you an easy diy again, if you happen to not have any time to go shopping or maybe you are like me sometimes and you are very late with basically everything, haha!

No worries...my diys don't look like a one minute thing, so I believe that this idea right here will catch many people's eyes - so you will be their favorite around the Christmas tree. 

Since I love coffee, I thought about testing coffee in a different way again. From infused oil, we are going forth with soap! Everyone loves soap and it's not only good for the bathroom, you can also put it on your work desk to create a sexy mood. Today's late creators diy is a mocca soap...Too boring for you? Pack it in a self created geometric gift box - the gifted person won't guess what's inside and they look so pretty just like that on the table! 


YOU NEED 1 shea butter soap + 2 + 1 tablespoons cocoa + 3 teaspoons espresso + a mold where you can create your soap bar (I used a ice cube mold)

1. Take the shea butter soap (I used Dove) and put it in a glass bowl. We are going to heat it up, so you have two choices: Let it melt over boiling water or put it in your microwave. I went with option b. for two minutes. 
2. The soap may rise and look like a marshmallow, but no worries! Take your espresso and add it to the soap. Then add the cocoa, but keep 1 tablespoon for later!
3. Mix everything well and pour it into your molds. 
4. Dust the rest of your cocoa on top of your soap and put it in your freezer. 
5. Take it out the next day and check if everything is well blended. 


Print out this picture. You can be creative: print them out, draw on them, use colorful paper, or put washi tape on it. I used waxed colors and then I put everything together! My soaps never had a better wrapping than this! 


Tell me about your diys! Are you buying most of your presents or are you creative as well?

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