Sonntag, November 6

9:53 PM It's marathon day in the Big Apple (congrats to all of you crazy runners - I was with you all day ~) and today is my last day of NYC content (for now). For weeks, I tried to organize my picture chaos, and edit all my videos...the videos are done, but unfortunately, I have too much content and I still don't know when I am supposed to share all of that. Nevertheless, tomorrow I will start to share my Paris stuff, since I don't want to be quiet about that trip either. Yes, I already wrote about the Paris 10k, which my sister and I ran, but as you can imagine, there is more to share. 

So let's focus one more time on this beautiful, crazy jungle and especially the neighborhood which I finally got to know a bit better: Nolita

I said it some posts ago, Nolita or SoHo, wasn't my number one spot to go to, because I wanted to hide from all the tourists. At the end of the day, I was pretty happy to have stayed there, because I was so close to everything and I loved the vibes down the Bowery. 
I already presented you some spots where I love to treat myself in New York, but let me tell you this: Nolita has its own cool places, so you don't need to go somewhere else! Stay local and get to know your neighbors. 

Here are my favorites if you happen to stay in Nolita:
1. Café Habana 17 Prince St, New York
2. Rice to Riches 37 Spring St, New York (review is coming soon) 
3. Prince Street Pizza 27 Prince St A, New York
4. The Grey Dog 244 Mulberry St, New York
5. Macbar 54 Prince St, New York
6. Vive la Crêpe 51 Spring St, New York
7. Jack's Wife Freda 224 Lafayette St, New York
8. New Museum 235 Bowery, New York,
9. Pop International Galleries 195 Bowery, New York
10. Taïm 45 Spring St, New York

This is really all you need! Of course I focused on food here, but to be honest...if you come to NYC or the US in general, it's all about food! Shoes and clothes can be nice, but experimenting with food can change your life (I know what I'm talking about haha). No, seriously, going out and grab a simple breakfast or lunch is so much different in NYC. The culinary variety drives you crazy and your tongue will experience things which you don't want to miss in your life again! 
Nolita isn't that bad. Give it a try and definitely visit those spots! 
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