Montag, November 28

4:52 PM The year will be over soon...December is almost there. People who read this blog may remember what I did exactly one year ago! When my birthday is coming up, I always try to challenge myself or try new things to start my new year in the best way possible. Last year, I told myself to add more active routines to my running and I will stop saying no to so many things. I refused to do yoga, because my balance isn't really working out and I am scared of all those crazy stretches. My answer to this was: why not creating a yoga challenge where I learn how to do it? Is it really that hard? Maybe it could be fun - so why not trying it? 

I started my first challenge and then I created many more for you! If you are curious to find out about my challenges, check out the archive right here

Now that the year ends, I want to end this little workout circle how it basically started: yoga for everyone! I planned so much for December and I actually wanted to treat you with a little advent calendar...then, I also wanted to do a last challenge to push you before Christmas, so you can have a great start into 2017 - what's the plan? Well, I decided to combine both ideas and help all of you who are lost just like me. I started nowhere. I am a runner - what do I know about yoga? What do I know about training? Let's start somewhere together! I am not lost anymore...I know about stuff, because I read tons about it. I tried this and that and I want you to experience the same things I have since I am working out! Those happy vibes are crazy hard to explain, but believe me...those challenges can change your life! 

So, dear lovebirds, this is a little thank you for joining my sweaty sessions, but also a little motivation for you to be brave as well! You don't know anything about yoga? No problem. Are you scared you don't understand the tasks? Don't worry, I got you! 
Each day until Christmas, I will post a pose for beginners. Stretch yourself and explore your body! Take a few minutes and enjoy the moment! I will guide you through this step by step and I hope you will have as much fun as I have! 

What do you think? Are your ready for this? 
Let's make Santa happy ~ 

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