Donnerstag, November 17

10:02 PM To be honest, I didn't want to release this mix. Some weeks ago, I finished this new mix, since I wanted to have the perfect beats helping me out during my run in Paris with Nike. I looked for the perfect playlist and at the end of the day, I didn't listen to the mix while I was running, haha. 

I always pushed the release one week behind, since I wasn't feeling it 100%. I wanted to show you something which motivates you beyond! I sent the mix to my sister to hear what she's saying and she loved it. She played it at any random situation and that was the moment when I realized that it's a great mix and there is no song missing for now. The vibes are perfect for you to go out, stretch, and sweat a little. I hope you like this mix and if you don't happen to like it the first time, you need to grow with it, just like I do. Happy vibing ~

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