Montag, Oktober 24

8:08 PM I love testing so many different restaurants or cool places, but if you happen to find a place where you feel just perfectly at home, far away from home, you always want to come back! Do you know what I mean? 

When I was a kid, I was totally in love with anything Japanese! I watched all kind of animes and Sailor Moon was my fashion role model #1. Therefore, my dream has always been to travel to Japan and get to know more about their rich history and crazy culture. Fact is that this country inspired me until today and I am so grateful for having inspirations like this. Also, Japanese food became one of my favorites, but unfortunately, there are no cool Japanese places where I live. 

In 2014, when I came to NYC all by myself, I took a walk around my block and I only had Japanese restaurants around me - I was in heaven. I kept on walking and I saw "Dainobu", a Japanese grocery store and deli. Bento boxes, rice over rice, seaweed salads, all kind of sweets, and things I have never seen before! I knew this place is a little jackpot! I wouldn't call this deli a 5 star restaurant, but the food you get there is beyond amazing and sooo affordable! It's really authentic and you get something for your money! I walked around, grabbed some things and let myself surprise back in my hotel room! My highlight was their milk bun or simple yeast bun with maple flavor - this was the best thing I ever had! I wrote the address down and I also wrote in my book that I have to come back as soon as I'm in the city again. 

Now it's 2016 and I finally made it back to my Japanese holy temple! This time, I checked out the store in my neighborhood, so I didn't have to hike all the way uptown, haha. When I came in, it was all the same and my heart was smiling big! The warm buffet in the front - all of those little snacks and bento boxes...and then in the back everything else: noodles, rice, soups, candies and plenty of things no one needs, haha. After I walked through the whole store, I stopped at the green shelf - this is something for all the green tea and matcha lovers...and there it was MY DEAR GREEN TEA KIT KAT! I made it a tradition: each time I go to NYC, I try to grab a bag of the green tea kit kat and then I share it with my sister! If you haven't tried it yet - DO IT! This flavor is beyond crazy! 

I just love Dainobu for its selection and great prices! You can go crazy here or you just stop for a little snack - it's up to you, but your stomach will definitely be happy! 

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