Montag, Oktober 24

8:39 AM The older I get, the more I tend to become interested in this weird topic. When I was little, I relied myself to my sister who knows everything about make-up and I basically used all the things she used. I wasn't in the mood to spend all my money for this, so I was happy that she had a huge selection to choose from. Time by time, I realized that my skin and my body in general reacts to things in a different way than my sister. I read more about it and I started to try more things out. Today, I am happy that I learned so much from my sister, but what I love even more is finding the perfect things for me. I'm happy when I buy something new and I know my body will thank me for it a lot. We don't get younger, so we should treat ourselves and help our body the best way possible

After summer is over, a new season is here and just like all the other seasons, we need a special treatment for our skin! A year ago, I shot a video about my current favorites and here and there I share my actual little helpers...since this illustrating thing is becoming a huge part of this site, I thought about illustrating my current favorites for you! So I will definitely update you with my current favorite products and at the same time I won't be presenting you this in a boring way, since I like a funny approach to stuff like that. Why not? Now let's check out what I got and then I am super curious to hear about your latest favorites! Which product is your number one right now? Please share ~

1. Last winter, I got myself Dove's "DermaSpa" lotion, since I believed I needed a few more moments where I treat my skin with all the things it needs. I love spa sessions when it gets cold, but I realized that this lotion is good all year around! Every day should be spa day and this lotion doesn't only treat your skin, it also smells soooo good! I am not using anything else - this is all you need!
2. Since my skin is pretty okay and I love my freckles, I don't like to use a lot of make-up on my skin. I really admire people who can put make-up on their faces, but to me, I don't like when I got too many layers on my face! I want my skin to breathe and I don't want to feel like I am wearing a mask... Lately though, I wondered how it would look like, if I used a foundation or anything which isn't too "thick" and "covering" for my face. I bought Benefit's "Play Sticks" in "Spin The Bottle"and so far I am pretty happy. All in all, I am beyond happy with Benefit's products...the smell, the's a good beauty product to invest in! 
3. I love anything which is good for my lips! L'Oreal's "Sexy Balm" is really super sexy! When I saw it online, I needed to have it right away! The balm is like a creamy and smooth lipstick, but not too thick! I chose "As If!" which is a nude pink and you can wear it whenever you want to! It matches perfectly to a low-key make-up, or a going-out make-up and the best thing is the flavorrrrr! 
4. My last product is something which I wanted to test for so long! Once in a while, I like to visit Lush. During my last shopping spree, I invested in a new peeling and I decided to go with "Ocean Salt". I love peelings so so so much!!! Until today, I tried so many, but I can't really tell you which one is my favorite. Maybe this could be my new favorite?! I just love using this peeling when I'm done showering...smelling like the ocean with a mix of avocado and lime - I LOVE IT! 

How about you? Do you use some of the products I use as well? Tell me about your favorites and share your experiences! ~ 
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