Montag, September 19

10:21 PM I'm coming home!! I wanted to be back so much earlier...and now it's pumpkin season again! September will soon be over (what the...) and I finally pack my bags! Yes, I am packing a lot right now, since NYC isn't the only place where I am going! The next three weeks will be crazy hectic, chaotic, but so much fun! I don't even know where to start! Will I talk about it now? No! I know I am teasing too much, but lovebirds, you will get to read and see so many great things in the next weeks! Right now, I am just happy to share some heartbeats and be creative beyond my limits! 

This is how my packing goes so far...
I bought "Shoe Dog" a couple of weeks ago and it was so hard for me to not read it! I can't wait to board and enjoy those words during my flight! Also, I found those peanut butter protein balls - ohhhh, I am sooo looking forward to eat them! Kids, never forget: always bring something healthy with yourself, so you fuel your body during your travels, plus you won't spend 7$ for a banana... Support your system and you won't have any problems while travelling! 

I will talk to you soon ~ K 
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