Sonntag, September 25

11:53 AM Do you know this feeling? You booked your vacation and all you think about is the good food! Bad cravings and calories beyond crazy! I always get this feeling when I travel to the US - burgers, pizza, and everything which helps to get me into a food coma! A while back, I didn't really cared about my nutition during holidays, but since I am being more healthy due to my active lifestyle, I feel like I don't want to punish my body with too much food which makes me tired and slow. As soon as I get home, I try to be healthy again, but my body personally takes a bit more time to find back into a smooth rhythm, so I decided to not go too crazy this time! Do you know what I ate so far during my trip to NY? Pizza, yes, Starbucks, yes...but I also got my fruits and energy bars with me! I enjoy the good things, while fueling my body when it needs extra power, so both sides are happy! This is actually a pretty easy system - you can do it, too!


1. Start right after you wake up on your travelling day: breakfast right plus enough and make sure to take fruits and nuts with you! This will satisfy your stomach and you also get a little wake up kick with the help of the nuts.
2. Preparation is the key: before you go on holiday, google what kind of restaurants you want to visit and where you can get certain things. If you only want to eat pizza for example, then you can plan around that and balance your days! Being not prepared is not good for you and your wallet. It will make you stop at several places which might be too expensive and at the end of the day, you are still hungry, because those carbs are walked off in a few hours!
3. If you happen to have a fridge in your hotel room, make sure to use it! Get some milk, lots of water and a few snacks which stop you from running to the next burger place which is only a block away. Once again: save those $!
4. Make sure to always have an empty bottle wirh you! Hydration is super important and you will need to drink a lot! Fill your bottles with water and refill whenever you can!
5. Energy bars are so essential!! No matter what flavor, those fellas give you anything you need! I love buying a box of bars and then I take one with me every day (just in case). Yummy, healthy, energy source - why not!
6. Movement is important as well! No one said no to carbs, I mean our body needs them! But if you happen to eat one burger more than planned, then make sure to end the day with a little walk. Sightseeing is always the best workout, but you are also free to decide how you want to burn some extra calories!
7. Why not putting a special workout on your holiday to do list? Anywhere in the world are communities and clubs who share the same spirit, why don't we get inspired by that and join a session? It doesn't matter if you go to the city's most popular yoga studio, or you
join the running club - this is an experience you won't have at home!
8. Transportation! Every city has tons of busses, trains, subways to get you from A to B. But do you really need to see the city while sitting in a crowded public transportation vehicle? No air, no space and after a while you get tired! Why don't you walk for a bit and get lost? See every inch of the city in your own tempo. Also a good idea is to rent a's not expensive at all and you will have fun racing on the streets while your heart is beating fast.

It's not that hard, right? I totally share the same feelings with you when it comes to treating yourself, but I got to know my body better and having bananas in my hotel room, e.g, does help me so much during my vacation! Tell me about your tips and methods! Greetings from NYC ~ x
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