Samstag, September 17

9:47 PM What a weekend! Hello fall - hello cold and dark days! All of a sudden, the deep blue night skies arrive earlier and the evenings tend to cool down too fast! This is what so many have been waiting for - me as well! I have to admit that I have to get used to it first, but in a couple of weeks I will be highly open for any fall weather and temperature! Until then, I enjoy this dark, but so simple combination! I am packing all of my things now for my US and Europe trip, so this is how I end up...Weeks ago, I cut my old jeans and this is the result - a little cowboy mood for exhausting weekend work days! How do you spend your weekend? Do you still enjoy summer or are you welcoming fall these days as well? Share your thoughts ~ Happy weekend! 

* next time I won't shoot at 8 AM + those chairs were so uncomfortable, haha! 
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