Dienstag, Juli 5

4:19 PM I'm sitting on my balcony and I'm enjoying a couple of sun rays. There are days where I am so bored of being at the same place...seeing the same view every day, having the same routine (almost) every day. It's the time of the year, where my body screams for action and I want to experience the happy and warm season everywhere in the world - not only here. I so can't wait to get back to New York, but as I am getting older, I also crave to see so many other places. My bucket list is long, but I can't wait to work that list off. 

Looking back, I have to say that travelling made me such a better person. I was always happy to see the world with my parents or my sister, but travelling by myself helped me to mature and grow. I am a nerd and I love learning and growing! There will always be things in my life I want to experience, see, and understand. That's why travelling always intrigued me. It starts at the airports, I meet so many people from all over the world, and even if we just chat for 5 minutes, I learn so much about people and other cultures. A little tip: book a stop over flight! First of all they are cheaper than direct flights, but also if you are lucky, your plane will stop in different fancy cities, so you can meet many many people. I started booking stop over flights, because of my budget, but then, when I flew to NYC and I had a stop over in Miami, I was pretty happy to have booked my flight like this. You can meet so many different people from anywhere in the world, you get to see cool airport architecture, you can shop many different things and most importantly, you can try out different food! This is like a little mini vacation during your actual vacation - who says no to this? My partner in crime is my notebook, since I write every little highlight or encounter down. It makes me happy and it gives me so much - maybe you know what I'm talking about. Being on that high, I forget about all the stress I got at home - I can finally relax and just let go. 

Would I have experienced all those things if I would travel with someone else? I'm not sure. What you don't get to see on Off Color, is that I am super shy and sometimes it is so hard for me to talk to strangers. In addition to that, sometimes I feel insecure speaking other languages, although I learned three different languages and I know them pretty well. I am scared of people's opinions about me...the looks they give me, etc. After travelling to NYC by myself and experiencing the city all by myself, I noticed that those things don't matter at all! NO ONE CARES! I told myself to just do it and talk to as many people as I can. Diving into a new culture without any losses, because at the end of the day no one knows me and I am only there for a limited time. I started to become more open, I talked to strangers...I even went a step further and met my love abroad. I am happy I did that step and I met my better half abroad - this vacation was the best of my life, haha! 

Do I regret anything? No, not at all. I am so happy to be a better and wiser person through travelling. I understand so much more and I love that I am becoming more and more flexible. I can't wait to work on my little travel list, although I will start to go on vacation with my better half now. But this kind of travelling will be another addition to my travel experience and history. This will make me grow a little bit more and I get to see/ understand new perspectives, too. 

So what about you? Do you travel by yourself or do you love to travel with friends and family? I am really curious to hear from you and your experiences! Tell me about your summer vacations!! INSPIRE ME, LOVEBIRDS ~ 
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