Montag, Juni 27

1:18 PM I can't believe that June is about to end soon. Holiday season is around the corner and since everyone around me is on vacation, I am super inspired to think about my next trip. It's no secret...soon, I will go back to NYC (the usual), but until then I am really hungry to see other places as well! I looked at old vacation pictures of mine and I stumbled upon my Washington pictures which I took 3 years ago. I have to say that Washington really blew my mind.

Not only as a history lover, this city intrigued me, I also loved the vibes and all the pretty little spots which make the city super exciting! I am seeing so many cool places in the world and since I started the #TreatingMyself category on the blog, where I share cool spots, I also want to give you a little insight in travel experiences of mine. That's why I start my first travel guide with you today. If you think Washington D.C. isn't worth a trip - I am going to convince you that you need to go there as soon as possible! 

1 MASO | Sandwhiches, salads - a lot of greens and flavors $ /$$
2 GOOD STUFF EATERY | Burger wonderland $ 
3 ZANNCHI | Korean heaven $$ 
2 AMYS | Neapolitan pizza ~ PIZZA OVER EVERYTHING! $$
5 GBD | Fried chicken and donuts...say what! $ 
6 TAKOREAN | Korean bbq or tacos? We can have both ~ $$
7 OLD GLORY | Who doesn't like a traditional American bbq? $$
8 UNION MARKET | From pop-ups to a supermarket - you can have whatever you like! $$ 
9 MOMOFUKU | A little Asian treat if you are on the run - or just stay for dessert $$
10 NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART | Art lover? This is where you need to go! $ 
11 CAPITOL HILL FLEA MARKET | A flea market should always be on your list! $
12 LA COLOMBE | Coffee lovers...this is where you need to be! $ 
13 TEAISM | Brunch? Coffee break? Or a little lunch? You will be happy here! $$ 
14 MERIDIAN HILL PARK | I love, love, love parks. The perfect place to relax and recharge ~
15 THE FRIDGE | More art, please! This is a pretty cool art gallery! $$
16 SOUL CYCLE | Stay fit during your vacation! The guys at Soul Cycle make you sweat ~ $$
17 CHEESECAKE FACTORY | I am a dessert fan...and who doesn't love cheesecake? $$ 

I just love D.C.! Check out their cool museums and enjoy a good slice of pizza while walking through the city! The streets are super tidy and the people are all super loving and positive! Washington's food variety really turned me on - you can choose from tradition American things to world cuisine or you keep it low key with checking out the food trucks throughout the city. What else do we need more? 
Also, there are so much more places to see, so don't think this is it. Please share your favorite D.C. spots as well! I can't wait to hear about your favorite things to eat and see! 
Now, let's hit the road and discover this beautiful city! ~
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