Mittwoch, Juni 29

9:46 PM I am so happy to share this with you! 3 months passed since I did my last challenge and I was so excited to create a new challenge for you! I always enjoy your feedback as soon as my challenges are over and I love connecting with all of you lovebirds through sweating and pure dedication. Due to my job, I wasn't able to take time to sit down and work on a new challenge. In addition to that, my active routines were cut down a bit and I missed having a strict workout plan. 

I know there are many people out there who don't have that much time to workout...I feel the same, but for such situations, I try to follow tiny workouts here and there (read about it here), so that I can sweat at least for a couple of minutes during the week. 

This week will be a special week for me. On Friday, I will finally race again, and I want to celebrate my summer challenge with you! YESSSS!!! It feels so good to be back with a challenge and I hope you are just as much excited as I am. 

Summer is here, but that doesn't mean that we pause for a couple of months now...To feel good, you always have to be active and do something! I know, it's ice cream season! But to earn ice creams and yummy smoothies, we will have to sweat a bit to deserve an extra dessert! 
This time, it will all be about getting stronger! Improving your own performance and get stronger day by day! 

We got 31 days to go hard and treat our bodies! Each week will be dedicated to one body part - this is just perfect for taking care of every angle of your body! With my last challenges, I never shared a real program - I rather let you choose your workouts from online videos or such. This time, I share my favorite exercises with you! Join me and repeat the exercises as much as you want! Just make sure to keep moving every day! If you don't like my ideas below, make sure to do your favorite arms, abs, legs, and butt exercises each week!

I made sure that this challenge won't be too hard plus it should be a lot of fun for everyone out there - beginners or workout junkies! Just like I said, you can decide if you want to repeat certain exercises more or less - it's up to you and how your body feels!

Please feel free to share your experiences and motivation! Conquer summer with this challenge and get stronger with me! If you happen to participate, make sure to use the hashtag #gettingstronger so we can communicate and exchange in internet land! You will find me tweeting about my feelings and ups and downs throughout the month, haha. Contact me if you got any further questions or if you need help with certain exercises! 

Lovebirds, get ready and sweat!
I can't wait to get strong with you! ~
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