Freitag, Juni 10

11:00 AM We had some pretty intense days when it comes to our weather here and our lovely friend miss sunshine. Yes, spring is really treating us! Finally we are able to wear the nicest clothes and we can leave our jackets at home. I spent a little bit outside and watched the people enjoy the hot temperatures - also, I was checking the current spring fashion. Besides of Birkenstocks, I saw many girls/women wearing the shortest shorts already. When it comes to the warmer temperatures, I am sometimes a bit shy about my body, although there is no need to be.

I'm rather in the background first and check what everyone else is doing. I am okay with my body, but then, I see people who are double my size and they squeeze themselves in shorts which definitely don't compliment their physique. 
On the one hand, I want to feel good and on the other hand I often believe that the world shouldn't see all of my body, since I am not a fan of all the looks one gets while showing legs and the behind...I bet you all know this scenario. Don't get me wrong: I don't say that people with overweight are not allowed to wear shorts, but I believe that one shouldn't force oneself to look like everyone else and choose the tiniest and shortest pieces. It's just not comfortable. 

I celebrate everyone with a true female body who doesn't cover up in spring or summer. This struggle has always been on my side, since I am a teen. My mom got curves and so does my sister. In high school, I was ashamed of my physique, because all of my friends were skinny with no curves - I felt fat standing next to them. My sister told me that I should be proud of my body, because there are people who pay thousands of dollars just to have a booty or boobs. I got this from my mom and I learned to deal with it somehow. Every summer was a torture for me, because I love shorts and I want to get a tan, so I will show some skin. But then, I never had the feeling of looking good or okay, because people were looking at me and dudes were making the weirdest comments. No, thank you! I switched over to wearing dresses or skirts, but I was mad to not show my body the way I wanted to. 

Society somehow puts so many limits to oneself - but why should we accept it? 

Hell yeah, I am a female and a runner. Yes, on the picture above you can see my abs. I love feeling healthy and fit and that's why I work out! I run to turn my mind off and to be outside for a little bit. Running made my legs really strong and my squats made my booty even bigger. So what? I got curves and I will continue to show them. Show your curves, too, and ignore the stupid looks. Jealousy is no good karma - no one needs that! Thank you! ~ 
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