Dienstag, Juni 7

11:03 PM There's something about this's special and somehow it's an every day drink, which we all don't appreciate as much as we should. Why should we? It's so normal - thousands of people drink it every day: but why? Why is coffee so popular? 
Here I am...sitting in the train on my way back home. In my hands a vanilla soy latte from Starbucks. This used to be my favorite coffee until I realized that diary is not good for me and my body...more of that soon. Fact is, I am a coffee addict and I am so in love with this black goddess!

I can't tell you what it is, but coffee is not only a drink to me, but more something comforting for my soul - if you know what I mean. 
Again, I'm asking myself why coffee's so popular? And why is everyone drinking it?! Coffee is good for your body and it's the perfect start or kick in the butt in the morning. True or not true? Well, let's 
check 20 facts. Yes, and there is so much more to know about it...

1. Science says that it protects against neurodegeneratives diseases and it improves your heart's health.
2. It protects against cancer!
3. It wakes you up and helps you to focus better.
4. It fights depression and increases energy! 
5. Also it helps you perform better in a physical way.
6. It is so good for your hair and skin (remember my post about the diy coffee oil for your body?)
7. It lowers stress and keeps you hydrated during the day.
8. Coffee enhances DNA repair.
9. It helps your blood circulation. 
10. It reduces muscle soreness after your physical exercises!
11. It raises metabolic rare and helps your burn fat!
12. Super low on calories!
13. Coffee reduces inflammation.
14. It improves good cholesterol.
15. It's a large source of antioxidants.
16. It also provides the essential nutrients which we need. 
17. Some studies say it makes you smarter...
18. It's a good helper when it comes to headaches. 
19. It reduces the risk of kidney stones.
20. Coffee is good for your brain and your memory! 

This yummy treat is a secret weapon all around the world. It began over 500 years ago - back then, the people in Yemen started drinking coffee first. Today, we enjoy it while having our breakfast, others treat themselves after a hard day, and others again use this miracle for the body and skin. No matter if you consume it for your inside or outside - coffee shouldn't be underestimated. Let's appreciate this drink more and think about all those wonderful benefits it comes along with. Too good to be true - thank you, coffee! Now I enjoy you even more! ~
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