Mittwoch, Mai 4

7:28 AM We all say this about our moms..."her style is the coolest". There are so many women, for example, who love collecting clothes or old accessories from their mothers and grandmothers. Back then, fashion was way cooler than today and our parents surely wore things in a combination which we wouldn't dare to wear today. I remember when I was growing up, I was sometimes embarrassed or shocked, when I saw what my parents wore. Then, I started to understand my parents' style and I also began to admire what my mom combined. Every picture which captures me and my mom alone, when I was little, is the same: she always wore something with a Mickey Mouse on it. From T-shirts, to sweaters or whole sweat suits. My mom's best and favorite clothes were her Disney pieces.

Since Mother's Day is coming closer and I love celebrating my mom for being such a cool chic, I thought about an outfit which should remember me of my mom! I noticed that a while back, too, I own a lot of Disney things just like my mom. Today is the perfect opportunity to share this inspiration with you! Danke Mama! 

*original jacket and Mickey Mouse shirt from my mom
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