Montag, Mai 30

10:26 PM You all know about my love for food and anything dealing with that! One thing which I enjoy more and more while getting older is experimenting with food and getting to know new flavors! I think I firstly noticed different restaurants and cuisines when I visited NY. Before that, I never cared much about my food! I mostly ate the same things I eat at home or I stick to fast food...boring. In NY you can eat anything 24/7 and the good thing is that I started to become more excited about food and its history! You learn a lot about the culture and its people - food is pure education!

So each trip I do, I try to treat myself as much as I can. I google about the latest restaurant openings, trends or I let my mood decide. The result? I have eaten at fantastic places: Berlin, Madrid, Paris, NY, London - I never shared those things... I only wrote this into my notebooks. 
A couple of posts ago, I shared my first #treatingmyself post where I introduced my favorite bubble tea place in NY.

Today I want to take you to a German city which isn't as famous as Berlin, but it has definitely a lot to offer. A couple of years ago, I went to Düsseldorf to get some samples for my shooting. One thing which I dearly wanted to see is this place called Toykio. I am a fan of anything Asian and Tokyo has always been on my travel list!! Toykio was a paradise for people who are into toys and urban art! Selim Varol, founder and bearbrick collector, created this intriguing place where you just want to sit, sip a coffee and stare at the walls. You literally sit there and you find new details every second. Downstairs, beneath, the cafe, you were able to find a little gallery where you can see really impressive art for any art lover! 

Unfortunately, we couldn't spend a lot of time at Toykio, but we enjoyed our little stay. I had a hot chocolate which was a bit expensive and I had to wait 15 minutes although the cafe was empty...BUT that gave me some time to checkout the art plus books and figures/toys which can be bought as well! 

All in all a great concept and a super fancy interior! Sad news...yes, maybe you noticed it. I am using the past tense in my sentences, because Toykio closed. If you happen to go there now, you will find Selim Varol's "newest" creation: he opened a pizza place called what's pizza. There is no reason to be sad...The store's former design and look is still existing (kind of) and the only thing which has changed is the store's offer. Who says no to pizza? I guess one day I will write another post about this place and then I can tell you exactly everything about the new spot and their menu!
I really miss places like Toykio in my city and that's why I wanted to show and tell you about this place. Right in between the Japanese neighborhood in Düsseldorf, what's pizza will make you happy from now on!

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