Donnerstag, Mai 26

11:00 PM Ahh, I love the smell of spring. Flowers everywhere and the air smells so delicate - don't you think? Last year, when I packed my bags for London, I wanted to take something with me which reminds me of home and I wanted to feel comfortable at my new place. I love buying flowers and waking up to their great smell! I guess that's one thing I got from my mom...However, I decided to take a special vase with me which creates a comfy feeling, no matter where I am. Now, think about travelling with a big vase - that doesn't make sense, I know.

That's why I decided to recycle my old Calvin Klein perfume bottle. I have three of these bottles and all in different shapes. I took the smallest one and drew some white dots on it - et voilá, my new vase was born! The best thing about this little thing is that you don't need a lot of money to invest in the most expensive flowers. Go outside, grab some flowers or buy one rose and put it inside of your perfume bottle. I went running and grabbed some daisies afterwards! I am so addicted to them right now!! It's a little highlight, but such a pretty thing to stare at, right? Don't throw your old bottles away - you can always use them, trust me! How do you like this DIY? 
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