Mittwoch, April 27

10:42 AM Remember my last challenge? I can't believe that this happened so long ago. (Excuse me, I might be a a bit dramatic, since I am currently not able to work out due to my wisdom teeth surgery and I am going nuts that I can't be active). I was doing the #4timesspring challenge in March, since I wanted to celebrate or welcome Spring with a perfect sports routine! Ladies, you know what I'm talking about - we all need to get bikini ready, right? So now, I want to share my personal experience with you. Looking outside the window, I can say that this Spring feels like a super cold Fall. This means more time for us to work on our bodies, haha. But now, let's start from the beginning!
  • How did I come up with this challenge? Well, I noticed that my challenges always connect with each other. First, I did a yoga challenge and then I did a kickboxing challenge. I asked myself if I should try another kind of sport or should I do it a running challenge? Fact is that running isn't a challenge, so I needed to figure out what challenges me. I didn't want to do a two week challenge, so I decided to stretch that into 4 weeks! Those 4 weeks give me the perfect opportunity to try out different things, so in case I am not liking one thing, it will be gone after 7 days anyway. So I said to myself that I will include things I started to love and I have been doing before: yoga, kickboxing, running, and swimming. Boxing is so much fun and it has never been annoying! Yoga is more challenging to be honest, but it definitely helps me to focus on certain muscle areas and breathing. The third week consisted of running which helped me getting back to a straight running routine, since I was having a break due to injuries. And since I hate being injured, I decided to choose swimming, so that my muscles can relax at the end of the challenge. 
  • How did I feel? I don't know. I was ready and motivated, but also I was scared that I am doing too much, since I never had a rest day (which is awful!) I had a lot of ups and downs and there was one day which really messed me up. During my yoga week, I was doing a bit too much so that I almost threw up during my session. I never experienced something like this before! 
  • Did I want to quit or give up? Hmm...during my yoga week I was really frustrated and I felt sick, so I was like: okay, maybe next month? But I realized that I needed to slow down and listen to my body! That gave me enough power to hold on and push myself until day 31. 
  • Was it fun? Of course! I am not forcing myself to do terrible things - I wanted it and I smiled a lot!
  • Would I do it again? Always - but maybe with other kind of sports (sounds like a new challenge? haha) 
  • What do I take from this challenge? Each time I am done with a challenge, I am always surprised that I learned something. During my exercises, I never focus on my learning process - I just do it and then I move on to the next one. But as soon as I am done, I start reflecting and I notice that I can be proud of myself. I learn a lot about diverse kind of sports, I get to know myself, my strengths and my weak points - but most importantly, I learn how to conquer myself! I just love it and it boosts my confidence super high! You should try it as well! 
  • Can I do this too? Of course! Yes, yes, yes! If you don't believe in yourself, you will never know! Get to know yourself and find out how strong you are! Sometimes it's really our heads which stop us from being awesome! The human body is capable of so many things - it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or not! Say hi to your body and show your mind that you can do it! Start your own challenge or join me soon, when I am sharing something new! Feel free to share your experience and motivation! I believe in you! 

All in all I can say that March challenged me and I tried my best. Again, I am proud of myself and what I have achieved. I love pushing myself beyond the limits and I feel stronger afterwards! I can't wait to think of a new challenge and maybe you will join me as well! I will share this in the near future and I hope that this little review helped you understanding my challenge plus seeing that those challenges are nothing but fun! Don't force yourself to do stuff - we shouldn't forget to smile! ~
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