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2:17 AM For my birthday, I got a great cookbook with NYC recipes and when I checked the first pages, I knew right away that I will try the babka recipe soon! My first thought was "I remember this from Seinfeld." You know the "Dinner Party" episode, where the babka is gone and they find out about a cinnamon babka - I just love Seinfeld!

Many countries bake their own versions of a babka and my mom does a really good one, so I took this as a challenge to be as good as my mom. We never tried it with chocolate and streusel on top, so it was something new for the whole family. When Easter was knocking on our doors, I finally did my first babka.
I was really curious, if it's hard to bake one and if mine tastes at all (the dough is such a tricky thing...). But I was full of motivation and I was ready for this challenge. A little tip: if you want to bake a babka, plan a lot of time. I won't bake this very often, because you will be in the kitchen for sooo long and I am not that patient, so it was quiet a torture for me, haha. 

       Let's go through the recipe really quick.


*all ingredients should be at room temperature
YOU NEED  | FOR THE DOUGH 2 Cups flour + 1/8 Cup active yeast + 1/4 Cup sugar  + 1/2 Cup warm milk + 1/8 Cup butter + 1 egg + salt FOR THE STREUSEL 1/2 Cup flour + 1/4 Cup sugar + 1/8 Cup butter + 1 teaspoon cinnamon + a handful of chocolate chips  + 1 egg white | FOR THE FILLING 1/3 Cup cocoa + 1/2 Cup sugar + 2 teaspoons vanilla sugar + butter to spread over the dough 

1. Heat up your milk. Test it with your finger, it should be nice and warm, not too hot.
2. Now add the active yeast, sugar and a pinch of flour and give it a stir. Put a towel above and let it rest for 20 minutes. (Ugh, let the waiting begin...)
3. Take out a bowl and mix the flour with an egg and butter. Take the yeast mix (the yeast was working and on top you can see foam and bubbles) and mix it with the other ingredients.
4. Knead the dough for a little bit and stop when you see that it's not sticky anymore. My mom's tip is to always knead the dough with your own hands, even if the kitchen machine did a great job. So take the dough and knead it with your hands! If it's sticky or moist at certain places, use a bit more flour, but not too much.
5. After the kneading is done, put your dough back into the bowl and let it rest with a towel on top for 30 minutes. (Some recipes say 1's up to you!)
6. Make yourself a tea. Time is not really going by...sit down and relax a bit, haha.
7. Time to make the streusel. Mix everything together (accept of the egg white) and mash it with your hands. You can decide how big you want your streusel to be - be creative! Put them into the fridge until you use them later!
8. Check the clock. I guess you also have some time left to do the chocolate filling. Put everything together, accept of the butter. Set aside.
9. Say hi to your dough - it should be a bit bigger now! Knead it one more time and then roll it out to a rectangle.
10. Now take some butter and melt it. Spread the butter all over the rectangle. Use a lot of butter - it will provide the taste plus it makes the dough fluffy.
11. Time to spread the filling. The whole cocoa mixture has to cover the dough.
12. When you are done, roll the dough. Now you can take a knife and cut it into two pieces and twist it, or you just leave it like that, give it a little twist and you put it in a cake pan.
13. Take the egg white and coat the babka.
14. Check your streusel. Are they looking good? You can make them bigger or smaller now and put them above the babka.
15. Take a deep breathe. You made it! A tough thing, but you can do it!

425°F / 25 minutes 

I like my babka warm. There is nothing better than enjoying warm cinnamon streusel with a soft dough...mhmm. How about you?   
If you happen to try this recipe, please tell me about your results!

Don't give up when you are having issues during your first experience - I've been there too.
If you have any ideas or wishes when it comes to my kitchen stories, please share your thoughts! I always love to hear from you! ~

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