Dienstag, Februar 16

5:01 AM My Winter uniform does always look the same and in the last couple of weeks I was missing a lot of color. I am really happy about my new coat, which I already presented you in December, but somehow I needed something else to make the whole look complete. In the city I found a new hat and somehow this color intrigued me a lot! It reminds me of Spring and sometimes I just need something super bright besides of all the black! Since a naked hat is too boring, I thought that I might make a little highlight out of this green thing. I had some patches at home and I decided to use my favorite Comme des Garcons patch, which I only have to apply with some heat.

I say it here and there...I am a fan of Japanese fashion and I love this little heart a lot! It has the perfect size and I think it looks really good on my hat! Those kind of diy's are always fun, because they are super fast and you can't really do something wrong! 2 minutes later...and I'm done! What do you think about it? 
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