Mittwoch, Januar 27

11:01 AM What's up with mother nature? I just got back from winter wonderland and now I experience crazy Spring here in Germany. My body is pretty much confused and jet lag is kicking my ass, too. Oh boy...complaining is not my sport, so I fight those things with pretty much the easiest things: vitamins and sport. A couple of weeks ago, I had the first signs of a dry throat and since my body loves to get sick during winter, I wanted to prepare myself perfectly. As soon as one gets sick, one tends to drink hot lemon or ginger - natural stuff that makes your body fight against all the bad things inside of you!

Since I had some extra honey left, I decided to try out this little vitamin bomb and winter booster:


I took a half lemon and a half orange, cut them into pieces and put them in the honey jar - that's it. Too easy, right? Now as soon as I feel a bit cranky or my body feels weak during the cold days, I put 1-2 teaspoons of honey in my tea and what can I say? It tastes so much better! You will definitely taste the vitamins and you get an extra kick with each sip! This is not only healthy, but also a little highlight for any kind of tea! I will always have one extra jar of infused honey in my kitchen, because it's too good to not have it! Try it! 
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