Dienstag, Januar 26

3:29 PM What I love about photography the most is capturing human beings just how they are. That's why I love shooting with special faces and sometimes I am picky when it comes to choosing my models. It's not that I decide between "pretty" and "ugly" (who decides that...) it's more about character and certain vibes I feel! Aniela is a girl whom I found via Instagram and I had to shoot with her! Actually I am not shooting with young girls and I don't want to put them in awkward positions, but the fashion samples I had were definitely screaming her name. This shooting was used for the "Visual Issue" and I am so happy to have created it with the help of Billionaire Boys Club and Wood Wood! We played a little bit with stereotypes and we soaked in the city vibes in Frankfurt - this is the result of it.

This shooting was used for the Off Color magazine issue #5 called "The Visual". Curious? Check out the issue which only features pictures and visual vibes right here.

* In collaboration with BBC & Wood Wood
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