Montag, Januar 4

1:37 AM In my last post I mentioned it already: resolutions are not my thing and this is the first year, where I am super relaxed. I don't need to motivate myself and start being fit and healthy, because I have been doing this for a while now. The only thing which surprises me today is that I am still so happy and motivated about this whole "being fit" thing! A few years ago, I did workouts for 4 weeks and then I took a seasonal break before I started thinking again how I can loose 4 pounds, haha. I am glad that this won't ever happen again. My life is looking like this right now: I create challenges every month, I try out any kind of sports and I always push myself.

Last year I really kicked ass with my running routines, I ran my first 10k and soon started practicing for my first half marathon. I started hiking and I even did a yoga challenge...guess what? I am bored again and I need another kick! I don't want to waste my time to think of a new challenge, so I found something which I can start right away! Thank you, Nike! After 3 days of rest now (I started to miss my December yoga challenge), I will start my 21 days #betterforit challenge tomorrow.

Nike created a little program for everyone who wants to start a fresh and healthy year. Don't worry if you are new to this! You don't need to be a fitness freak...this is for everyone who wants to sweat! Click here to find out which program fits best to your workout habit! The Nike coaches did a great job and I am so happy about this little challenge! After you took the quiz, you will find out if your program's name is "progress not perfection", " no pain, no gain" or "never not moving". My result is "never not moving" and I already checked my next couple of days! There are many workouts which I do on a daily basis, such as the tabata toned workout and I am so excited to go extra hard the next 21 days!!

Don't think too much about this challenge! Join us and just do it! Your body will thank you a lot and you will feel awesome! I promise!! Let's chat and exchange! If you need extra tips about certain workouts or you feel exhausted and need to talk to someone, holla at me or tweet me! I will definitely share my feelings and thoughts about this #betterforit challenge! Also I will soon sit down and talk about my yoga challenge from last month! Questions and feedback will be included! NOW LET'S KICK ASS AND SWEAT! ~
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