Mittwoch, Dezember 9

7:14 AM Christmas music everywhere...the first Christmas movies are shown on TV and what can I say? It's too good to be true. Everyone knows that I am a huge Christmas fan - why not? The music is so relaxing and smooth and we all know that the TV program is the best during this season! So many cool movies and songs to sing along to. It doesn't matter if you want to watch the old black and white films, or silly cartoons - there is stuff for everyone! Unfortunately, I always forget to write a list of things I want to see/ listen to and when Christmas is over, it's already too late to start with my list.

One example is "The Grinch". One of my favorite movies during Christmas season, but somehow I always forget to check when it's on TV. I miss it every year!! This year I sat down early enough to plan my movie nights and this week I will create a new Christmas mix for me and my family! Check my top three for this year! I'm curious to hear about your favorites? What's your favorite Christmas song and what movies are on top of your list? 
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