Mittwoch, November 25

12:41 PM This week's Tuesday Talk is one day too late, but I planned it for today, since I wanted to share my awesome kitchen skills with you! Since this week is Thanksgiving, I thought I might focus on being thankful. This is a topic which goes through my mind a and then I think about it too much, and then again I forget about it (unfortunately). You know, you always work your ass off, you do this and that, but somehow you are never happy. Do you know this feeling?

Now that the year is coming to an end (plus my birthday is coming up) I reflect a little bit more and I try to find out if I reached my goals and ideas this year. Did I make myself happy, or did I disappoint myself? I'm honest. I am a person who is never satisfied and I always want to be better! As a creative being I have too many projects going on and I always feel like I have to do something. The consequence is that I have too much stuff which I can't really handle and I can't finish one thing with 1000% happiness and satisfaction. Weird, weird. What did I change this year? I have to admit that I am not there where I want to be. I am mad sometimes, when I see where I am..still not coming one step closer etc. But then again, I am like fuck it. Excuse my words...but yeah, I need to be thankful again. I get my money through teaching. I know that if you don't work hard enough, you won't get far. I tell that my kids and some of my kids also teach me! In comparison to last year, I have to say that I feel like I found my spot and I know what to do. I organized my life (I'm not done yet, haha), but I definitely know about my priorities. And what can I say at the end of 2015? I am thankful for being healthy. I am thankful for being alive. I am thankful for everything which happens everyday and all the ups and downs. And I am thankful to have a special person in my life. I wish you all happy holidays and a lot of good food! Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your lovebirds! x Picture via.
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