Donnerstag, Oktober 22

1:12 AM Back again with a new post about health benefits. This time I want to talk about kiwis - yes, those cheap little things are pure magic for you! I remember I always had a special relationship to kiwis. There is something fascinating about this fruit and I guess we all agree that it's one of the prettiest fruits out there. I don't know how you feel about this little green thing, but after reading its benefits, you will definitely consider eating it more! Let's explore this together.

1. IT BOOSTS YOUR IMMUNITY. This is actually perfect for the colder days now! Kiwis are high on vitamin C which is your secret weapon to fight against a low immune system. The vitamins and other antioxidant compounds help you boost your system.
2. IT HELPS MANAGING BLOOD PRESSURE. With the help of potassium, our electrolytes are in balance and the blood pressure is on a good level, too.
3. IT HELPS CLEANING OUT TOXING & IS GREAT FOR OUR SKIN. This is also a nice side effect of kiwis. In this case fiber is helping here to bind and move toxins from our intestinal tract. With this, we will definitely treat our bodies and in addition to that vitamin E will help protecting the skin from degeneration.
4. IT CREATES AN ALKALINE BALANCE. Did you know that kiwi is in the "most alkaline" category for fruits? This means that it has a rich supply of minerals which replace the excess of acidic foods. When your alkaline balance is right, you will see benefits such as youthful skin, deeper sleep, fewer colds, and less arthritis.
5. IT HELPS FIGHTING HEART DISEASE. Studies say that eating more than one kiwi a day reduces the potential of blood clotting by 18%. Of course you can also take certain medicine for this issue, but the great thing about kiwis is that you won't experience any side effects or other problems.
6. IT HELPS YOU DURING YOUR WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. This is another nice thing to know. Kiwis have a low glycemic index and a high fiber content; this means that there won't be a strong insulin rush in your body - perfect for everyone who has diabetes or just for people who like to take care of their nutrition. 

What do you think? Does this convince you to consume more kiwis? Go grocery shopping and remember to take one kiwi with you! Maybe you realize that you don't like to eat them raw (this is how I feel sometimes), don't worry, my little tip: kiwis taste so good in a smoothie! Mix them together with grapes, or a banana - you will love this! 

Go green and enjoy the benefits! ~
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