Dienstag, September 29

12:21 AM The last days I was thinking about the same stuff all over again. I thought it may be a good idea to share this today as a #TuesdayTalk topic. In general I am a very helpful person and I can never say no to people. The weird thing about it is that the more I say yes in the daily life, the more I refuse to say it when it comes to my creative side and my hobbies. I have been active in this online world for over 5 years now and there are days sometimes, when you feel like you do the same stuff every day and then you have 300 new ideas which you want to try, but somehow they don't fit to your current image frame - you know what I mean? So what do I do?

I feel like I have to stick to my habits...I want to to try out new things, but then again I say no to myself. Why should I do this? This is extra stuff besides of my busy schedule...it takes time and a lot of energy, too. Then, weeks later, I feel like I regret to not do it. Something inside of me says that I should just do it, no matter what, but yeah...unfortunately I lose the battle again.

I reached the point where I saw people doing so many great things and I saw how happy they were with just doing them. I am not saying that I'm not happy at all, but there are days where I definitely feel that there is something missing in life.

So what was my first step?
Well, after a couple of ups and downs in my life, I started to take sport very serious again. I was like: okay...let's see if I can do it! To be honest... I was always working out and I had my little routines going on, but when it comes to running, I was a lazy ass (also because I remembered that I can't run for like 5 minutes without having breathing problems haha). I started to run again when winter came and I told myself if I made it through this cold season, I can do anything. Luckily, I found great sneakers during sale time and so I hit the road again. I had many great success stories with my running routine and then I went to Berlin to participate at the Nike run. One year later, I look back and I can say that I am really proud of what I have accomplished so far. I started something small and I pushed myself beyond my limits. Today, I am writing this from my sofa, where I am resting, because I have a little problem with my knees and I haven't run for a couple of days and I miss it to death - can you believe that? Running sounds so boring to many people, but for me it has become such a great thing in life! I can relax and think about basically nothing and I get home with new energy and a creative mind! There's nothing better than that right now!

I know this story today may seem long any maybe you already stopped reading, but all I'm trying to say is that you should really do new things in life. I am not saying that your life is boring and everyone has to start something new right now. But maybe you have experienced that, too, and you ask yourself if you should do this or try that. Don't think about it too long - just do it! "Yes" is such a powerful word and you have the power to let your life be awesome! Saying yes does definitely boost your potential and if you stick to saying no to everything, you might miss opportunities, great moments or a life changing event - who knows? Remember that your body is always ready to learn...stay curious and if you notice that this new thing is bullshit, then drop it and try something else, but the good thing about it is that experience is always something positive! I always said no to running...also I hate the fact that people watch me running. I live in a little suburb in Germany and people don't really go running here. Whenever they see me running, they literally stop and stare, which makes me mad all the time - but guess what, I will not stop just because it's odd to them. If there is something strange or you feel this is odd for you, too, find out if it's really that odd. We have so many prejudices, but are they justified? It doesn't matter if it is about going out and meeting new people, sports, maybe you learn a new language, or you say yes to love - it doesn't matter what it is. Take new chances and find out what you really like! Feel free to share your story, too! I like to hear from you!

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