Montag, September 21

5:58 AM It's about that time again - I got a new Vibe & Run mix for you! For those who didn't listen to the first one, check it out right here. After a long and warm Summer, Fall is here and I have to admit that I'm happy about that since I can enjoy running a little bit more. I'm a cry baby when it comes to heat and body can't deal with that somehow, so I am happy that the temperatures are cool and I am flexible to create diverse workouts again!

At the end of August I started my half marathon training and right now I'm in my second round of #13days13nights and one thing I have been missing is new music! I bet you know this feeling! Working out with great music, makes a hard session a very smooth session! If you rather want to spend your days at the gym, because you feel like it's too fresh outside - no worries...this new mix is the perfect mix for any kind of sweat session! I made sure to not include too much Hip Hop and the vibe is really Summer like, so it's a great way to start active into a new season! Diverse music genres are also good for different workouts - try it! Check out the whole mix below and sweat with me ~

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