Dienstag, September 1

2:12 AM Since it is the first day of September, it's nice to talk about the perfect Fall basics for your closet, I guess. As soon as Fall is here, people tend to worry about their outfits. You never really know about the it going to be warm or rather chilly? Do I need a jacket or can I leave it at home? Fall is the time to layer many clothes and you dress as practical as you can. Don't worry, you can still look good! Make sure to buy some basics which support you through the whole season!

With some simple basics you can never go wrong and you always have an emergency outfit (just in case). What you definitely need is a coat or a jacket which keeps you warm. Invest in a good jeans which you can wear with a great shirt or blouse (I love example 1 & 3). Also I think it is important to invest in a great pair of shoes: I wouldn't ruin my shoes on a rainy day, so try to get a pair which is weather resistant! All in all it's pretty easy to dress in Fall, you just need to get started somewhere!

Shirt Comme des Garcons // Sneaker adidas // Blouse Tibi // Shoes Ganni // Jumpsuit LF Markey // Body Tibi // Coat Tibi 

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