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10:16 AM What can I say...I am super proud to present you something really cool today! Since I am getting ready for the big Summer event (the Nike 10k run in Berlin) I am trying to motivate you to do the same as well. Of course I am no professional, but I try to help you to improve and learn more things, so maybe you think about it again and start being fit and a little bit healthy, too. During my research I found Mimi, a Nike+ Trainer from Munich, and I was super in love with the idea to interview her, so we can all talk about some sports and nutrition basics. Enjoy this interview and if you happen to be in Munich, make sure to visit Mimi and say hi. 

Mimi, how did your relationship with sports start? Sports are ever since a huge part of my life. As a kid, my vacations were mostly connected to sporty activities. Later then, I decided to study sports and then one thing lead to another.

What motivates you? Different things: personalities and stories from people, emotions which appear before and after the workout, and also knowing to be doing something good for yourself. In addition to that music and sunshine motivates me to get up and go outside.

Tell us how does your favorite workout look like. Oh, there are so many different ways to work out: yoga and pilates, but also weight training and high intensity training. There is so much more, for example running or swimming. 

What would you say is the most important for you while working out? Do you set a certain focus on something? Quality over quantity.

Now let’s focus on running a little bit more. What would you say is important for beginners here? Of course it is important and nice to see that you are motivated, but you shouldn't overextend yourself. The tempo and as well the distance should be suitable for the beginner. After each run, you should have a positive or good feeling which you can apply for your next run. It is wrong when you feel like you agonize yourself to run or even worse, when you have to pause with your workout, because your muscles are sore.

As soon as people decide to be more active and maybe check their nutrition, they confuse it with not eating at all. But in realtiy it’s the opposite. There is food which is perfect for your pre- or post- workout – a fact that people don’t know – how do you personally deal with that? Absolutely right! It is so important to fuel your body with good and qualitative high fuel when you are being active. That’s the only way your body can work. As long as you stick to your rule to eat healthy/clean (consuming natural, untreated food), you are definitely on the safe side. If you decide to go one step further, let’s call it fine-tuning, then it’s even better for you to eat low-fat combinations of carbohydrates and egg whites before your workout. The carbohydrates should be long-chained, with low GLYX, such as oats and sweet potatoes. That’s how you fill your glycogen store and at the same time it’s the ingredient to exploit. The egg white contains important amino acids, which you will definitely need for your muscle work. Make sure to consume your fuel boost 1,5h – 2h before your workout! Don’t work out with a full stomach! After the workout, your stores are empty and they need to be refilled. What do they need? Firstly carbohydrates and this time short-chained carbohydrates which will get to the stores really fast, and also egg whites which help building muscles. One thing, which is also important is your drinking behavior! Don’t forget to drink!! After your sports routine, you should drink 0,5l – 1l water (you don’t have to drink it all at once, though!)

One more question about nutrition. There are so many myths about food you shouldn’t eat or even the fact that fruits are not good, because of their sugar. What can you tell us about that? Hahaha, this is pretty easy to answer. As long as you eat healthy, a fruit at any time of the day won’t make you fat or anything else. The banana, for example, is a good pre-workout snack! They contain complex carbohydrates and egg whites. But watch out how ripe the banana is. After a certain time the fruit turns the long-chained carbohydrates into short-chained carbohydrates.

What do you like more: going out for a run or focusing on diverse muscle parts? My favorite is the combination of both! 

So what do you think about Yoga? A lot! Yoga is a great balance to any kind of sports. If you choose to do Yoga or Pilates on a regular basis, you will prepare your body to perform in his best form in your chosen sport. In addition to that, it helps me to calm down and relax.

Let’s talk about the big Summer event: The Nike 10k run – you will be there, too. What would you say, how shall we prepare for this? Oh, I can’t wait! The best way to prepare yourself is creating a workout plan. If you can’t do that, you can get professional help from a personal trainer. But also the Nike+ Running App is able to create good plans with which you can prepare yourself very well. If you create a plan, it is easier for you to work out more effectively and it helps you to overcome a phase when you are not motivated and down. My second advice would be recovering your wounds. Maybe this is your first long-distance run and during your training you might have different injuries. Make sure to let them heal and rather take a little break then, instead of ignoring the pain. At the end of the day, you have to take care of your body – don’t over strain yourself – it would be bad if you can’t line up after all this hard work.

Stretching before running is super important. What would you recommend here? Stretching should be a dynamic warm-up. This includes moves which prepare your muscles, your joints, and your bowstrings for the upcoming routine. An example would be circling your shoulders (rather do that than a static holding shoulders stretch), or foam rolling.

What do you do after your workout? Do you have rituals? To be honest…no. Well, maybe a selfie, lol. But it’s a nice idea! I will start that right now: taking my time and reflect, but also thanking my body for this great achievement.

Tell us what do you always carry in your workout bag? A bottle, Gymboss, hair ties and deodorant.

You are a Nike+ Training Club trainer – where and when can we work out with you? Correct. You are able to join the N+TC live sessions in Berlin and Munich. You can find me in Munich - this session is Monday’s at 6:30 PM at Sportscheck. The training is completely for free, you only have to register. There will be 20 tickets for each routine: first come, first safe. (You can register here). Everyone is welcomed! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional – I’m always looking forward to seeing new faces!

Thank you Mimi for this little chat! Make sure to follow this little lovebird on Instagram to always get positive vibes and plenty of motivation! 

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