Freitag, März 6

8:28 AM Sometimes I am getting tired of drinking water every day. I started drinking infused water to have a little flavor in my water and now I decided to try something new. Today I want to show you the benefits of coconut water. I always wanted to try it and now it's time to be brave! It is said that coconut water contains electrolytes, plant hormones, enzymes, and many vitamins - not bad! There a studies which say that drinking coconut water helps you to not having a heart attack or it could also lower your blood pressure. After running today I tried my first coconut water...

Since it was super warm today, I decided to go running and soak some sunshine. Instead of drinking green tea when I got home, which is something I always do after running, I tried my coconut water. It smelled pretty good, just like a fresh coconut. The first taste was...refreshing, but weird at the same time. I was pretty confused since it tasted a bit bitter and super sweet at the same time. Since there are also different flavors of coconut water, I would rather try those in the future though. After my first coconut water experience, I'm not saying that it doesn't taste, but in my opinion there is something missing. After running it is definitely helping to refresh and it gives you a lot of energy, but I would only drink it when I'm active. Nevertheless you all have to taste it yourself...coconut water is pretty popular and that's why:

1. HEALTHY HEART AND KIDNEY Coconut water reduces the risk of hypertension and it strokes and helps preventing or resolving kidney stones.
2. PREVENTS DEHYDRATION Coconut water is a magic water which refuels and rehydrates.
3. FUEL FOR BRAIN AND MUSCLES Coconut water improves nervous system functioning and nerve transmission. When it comes to muscles, coconut water prevents cramps and spasms.
4. SUPPORTS IMMUNE FUNCTION Coconut water boosts the immune system in fighting infection.
5. PERFECT SKIN Coconut water has the ability to clear up and tone the skin. It also moisturizes the skin from within.
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