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6:13 AM I decided to move the whole Art Club to this site so you guys don't have to follow so many links all the time. Today I start with our lovely Angie from L.A.. Her art is so weird, but so good! (I mean weird in a good way!!!) It is very special and unique and you won't find someone else who does it like her. Here is ANGIE SAMBLOTTE

Tell us about yourself. Well, there is so much.. but here are some basics: I am a 23 year old female who grew up in the area between Long Beach and Los Angeles. I’m in my last semester at Cal State University Long Beach and completed my BFA in Illustration. I am half Korean and half Argentinean. I have a loud and dorky groany laugh that makes people laugh.

What relationship do you have with art? It's been my best bud ever since I can remember. I grew up as an only child so drawing was my companion that entertained my imagination and took me out of my quite boring environment (my room). Then it became a way for me to dump all my teenage emotions out and for me to cope with whatever I was going through. Now, it is something I obsess over, sometimes not in a good way. But it is undeniably on my mind all the time, every day...sadly. I love it when it's there for me, I hate it when it teases me - that kind of relationship. 

When did you start drawing? When I was young, kind of like how everyone starts to draw when they are kids. I just didn't stop. 

What does art mean to you? Art...ha ha. I could rant for days about "Art". For me though, it has always been there as a world where I can do whatever I want. No rules, no right or wrong. I loved that because no one could tell me what to do except myself. It allows me to let go and free myself/thoughts from everything that I think I am. 

Where do you take your inspirations from? Whatever is (happening) around me. People and their idiosyncrasies. The nature of Nature. My perspectives and over-analytical thoughts on them and how "things" are connected. But most importantly things that make me laugh, like Irony. 

Now tell us about your frog book. There is a frog that is born and re born and gives birth and dies and is now and is and isn't and is also the other but isn't but isn't it the opposite and it is reflected? That's the best way to put it, really. 

Why frogs? I actually think that they are toads, but I forgot to name it that, ha-ha. I like them because they are funny looking and their bodies are kinda weird and squishy. 

It's funny that you concentrate yourself on something which is not everyone's favorite (most people aren't into frogs), but you turn it into something so beautiful. I try to see and draw the beautiful in everything and everyone for those who cannot.

Is there anything else you do besides of drawing? I love riding my bike, running, hiking, camping, yoga-ing, soccer-ing....I can't be drawing all the time or else I'll turn into an insane blob. 

Tell us a bit about your usual creative process. I open my sketchbook and draw whatever makes me feel good. Depends if I have an image in my head or not...or just want to feel a pencil glide on a piece of paper to calm my mind/nerves. 

Did your hometown influence or inspire you and your art? Not really per se, but the suburban lifestyle kept me inside a lot... 

What is your favorite color? Color is not my friend. 

What is your favorite music? Broadcast, Siriusmo, Motor City Ensemble...lots of house and techno, lots of instrumental/ experimental / dance / electronic / rock / psychedelic shit...basically anything except country. 

To whom do you look up to? Myself, my family, friends, the world, and many dead artists (some alive ones too). 

What is your current project? A two-person show at my university in November. My studio mate/best friend and I will be celebrating the mundane through illustrations and sculptures. I am tremendously excited yet full of anxiety. 

Is there anything great that you have experienced through art? Life (no, seriously). Happiness? I'm not sure if I could pin point just one thing since it connects with everything in my life. 

With the help of the internet everyone is closer connected and we can get to know many other artists. How do you feel about that? It's an outstanding tool. I've met some of my best friends through it. It makes connections seem almost too attainable. 

Is there anyone with whom you like to cooperate in the future? All of my friends....and Carlos Nine! 

Maybe you are intrigued now to learn more about frogs or you want to see more of Angie's work. Just click here and follow her on Instagram to be updated. Thank you Angie for this gift that you share with us! 
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